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About Photojaanic

How did it start?

Photojaanic’s story goes way back to 2012, when one of our co-founders lost over 20,000 photos on their smartphone, including many from precious life events. A short while later, they were frustrated when finding out that printing photobooks for a family holiday was expensive and difficult.

Realizing that there was a way to help people who have the same problems, we decided to build a service that helps people keep what matters, in a manner that is simple, affordable, and fun.

And so Photojaanic was born.

Who are we?

Started in Goa and Singapore, now our small team of creatives is branching out to different parts of the world, as is our service. What started as a small business has now grown into something bigger as we welcome more people, ideas, and culture into our team. And with this, we take on a bigger mission: to help people share their best memories, anywhere in the world. Distance is not an obstacle for us.

We believe that every moment and story deserves to cherished, and we’re here to help you keep what matters.

Why does it matter?

The name Photojaanic comes from the words ‘Photo’ and ‘Jaan’ (a Hindi term of affection meaning "darling"), which sums up what we care about the most: preserving what’s dear to you with high-quality photographs.

In this digital age, we take more photos with our cameras, but only a few make it into real life. We make memories and capture them well, but most of them are left unseen and forgotten on our electronic devices.

We believe in the age-old way of preserving memories and keeping what matters with something tangible that stands the test of time, something that can bring you back to the good ol’ times when you look back at it years from now. We care about the memories you hold close to your heart, the heartwarming stories that you passionately share with your loved ones, and the creativity that you need to express.

This is why we strive to make keeping moments and memories effortless for you. It should be as easy as posting photos on social media: quick, fun, and without any hassle.

Our Products

We started with photobooks and prints, but over the years, we have expanded our range of products to cater for creatives all around the world. From wall arts and custom invitations to notebooks and mugs, everyone has the chance to choose how they want to keep their memories.

Creating timeless keepsakes shouldn’t break the bank, and that’s why we strive to create affordable products without compromising on quality.

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